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10.Destructive Judge , ShangGuan


Destructive Judge ShangGuan

Violent star # 2,
the Destructive Judge star;
the Prodigal Son star

Representative figure:
The most ingenious engineer, the wayward prodigal son, revolutionary and spiritual practitionerSymbolize:
Son; ingenuity and talents; arrogance, intelligence, lacerating verbal attacks, will not admit defeat, super low EQ, super quick in learning and in reflexes   
ShangGuan literally means: “to hurt the Judge”; therefore this star will have a direct and negative impact on a female’s ‘marriage’ and a male’s ‘career’.  Especially for female, due to argumentative nature, this star normally means a roller-coaster ride in her love life.

1. Superb comprehensive ability, therefore gives an impression of being
    very sharp; non-conformist; loves the lime light; eloquent; extremely
    confident and conceited; will not admit defeat
2. Normally very talented but at the same time very arrogant; may
    appear to be quiet but is really bubbling with energy and fighting
    spirit within
3. Those with more than one ShangGuan are typical idealists.  Being
    very knowledgeable and conceited, he expects highly from the
    society.  He will be a true ‘revolutionary’ or ‘entrepreneur’. 

1. Though knowledgeable, his range of interests is too wide; therefore,
    his major flaw will be ‘good at many things but specializing in nothing’.
2. Willful and self-indulgent, he will find it hard to conform to the
    general code of ethics; therefore will be regarded as wayward,
    rebellious, arrogant and eccentric.
3. To realize his ideals, there’s nothing he won’t do.  He also likes to
    meddle too much because he is cynical and cannot tolerate injustice. 
    Though he means well, he often gets into a deadlock for his radical
    behavior and in the end must watch with his own eyes the upcoming
    completion of his undertakings ruined by his own hand.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star, or this star ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will be bold, versatile with impressive performing capacity.  He doesn’t like ordinary life, hates being restricted by others and will polarize when socializing.  So he is extremely unfit for jobs that are conventional, rigid or bureaucratic.  He should choose the career that would allow him to play his talent freely.  With exceptional intelligence and exuberant inspirations, he will fit well with those highly technical or professional jobs, such as being an entrepreneur, planning staff, engineer, designer, surgeon, producer, actor, dancer; or anything that can make use of his eloquence, such as being a critic, reporter or TV presenter.  He is also capable of revolutionizing or leading social movements or becoming a religious practitioner who surpasses secular morals.