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Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified)

9.Lucky Star , Sh iShen


Lucky Star Sh iShen

Lucky star # 1,
the Lcuk Star star;
the Good Daughter star

Representative figure:
Money vault, the gentle rich girl, the connoisseur, the gourmet – this is the luckiest of all 10 stars!

Daughter, good fortune and income

Gentle and with a pleasant appearance; always able to enjoy good food; follows the golden means and never tries to force her own way or coerce others; innately proud. Its nemesis is ‘Karmic Resources’, the God of Malice.

1. Gentle and classy; does not like to compete with others; calm, elegant
    and not crude
2. Values esthetics in daily life, therefore will enjoy a very wide range
    of interests; loves good food, music or art; will invest in spiritual
    pursuits; sensitive in temperament and has an eye for fashion, such
    as apparel and finery
3. Will not suffer want of money or necessities in life; far-sighted and
    will always plan carefully and then carry it out step by step; will
    never act recklessly

1. Always seems to be indolent and passive; over does it with reconsidering
2. Her high and mighty ideas will invariably turn into moonshine or
    pipedreams at times.
3. Over-indulgent in gourmet food or snack; will become over-weight
    if with a hardy digestive system or becoming thin and weak with
    indigestion syndromes
4. Low tolerance for pressure or stress; loves luxuries; naturally weak
    in will power; will sometimes resort to socializing and gossiping but
    still feels empty and lonely afterwards; to relieve boredom, may
    indulge in sex or eating and as a result, ruin her health

If a person has this star sitting in her Destiny Format palace, or if she has more than one of this star, or this star ‘takes root’ in her chart, she will be an excellent listener and will not actively express her own opinions.  Nor will she work too hard or force herself into any undertaking.
She emphasizes on sensitivity and wants to live the way she likes, so she will focus in her own way and disregard social trends.  Not having a staunch personality, she often hesitates.  However, she’s gifted in appreciating arts, films, movies and drama.  Since she doesn’t suffer inadequacy of daily needs, she doesn’t desire much for the rich and famous.  She is suitable for work that is stable and related to fine
tastes and leisure, fields such as food & beverage, arts, agriculture,
animal husbandry, fashion, tourism, cosmetology, service industry,
or any work that ‘she enjoys doing’.