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8.Loss Wealth , JieCai


Loss Wealth JieCai

Violent star # 3,
Representative figure:
Talent show host, public speaker, business wizard

Villager of the opposite gender, sexual encounter, performing talents
‘JieCai’ literally means: ‘wife/wealth robbing’.  It is very bad for personal wealth and a man’s wife

Witty, flexible, adroit, articulate, greedy for money and sexual pleasure, prone to bankruptcy; males are inclined to sexual encounters, females are inclined to suspicion, fantasy, a sense of insecurity and losing a fortune for making a small profit.
1. Articulate, animated, flamboyant, bombastic, eloquent, positive,
    humorous, attractive and charming
2. Good at building cheerful atmosphere in a social setting; good at
    watching people’s mood and reading their mind; nimble-minded and
    able to turn what he has in mind into action quickly
3. A brilliant speaker who is able to adopt others’ views extensively and
    deliver them effectively; out-going and active at times but suddenly
    becoming melancholy and sentimental

1. Though appearing to be optimistic, he often suffers from inner
    conflicts or neurosis and tends to fantasize.  Driven by strong
    acquisitive desires, he will betray his friends or family.
2. Driven by excess ambition and eagerness, he will recklessly take risks
    and fail.  At the end, either he is unable to pick up the pieces or
    makes a huge loss for poor judgment.
3. He will use any means to reach his goal, even staking his house and
    other possessions, therefore will experience terrible and painful loss.
4. With excess cardinal desires, he craves for erotic encounters or
    sensuous stimulation such as alcohol or drugs.  Especially for men,
    tend to focus in the life outside home, showering other women with
    romance and gifts but ignoring his wife and family obligations.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star, or this star ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will work very hard pursuing money and status.  He has high mobility and self-esteem.  He is also very confident of his own views and appears to be very out-going.  With strong adaptability to the changing society, he will act with boldness and agility.  He is not fit for simple and stable jobs but is suitable for work related to speculation, sales & marketing and show business, or highly competitive or lucrative business that will kindle his will to fight, such as work in the fields of art, entertainment, cosmetology, service industry, sports and politics.