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Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified)

7.Villager , the Farmer star


Villager the  Farmer star

A half lucky &
half violent star,
the Villager Farmer star

Representative figures:
A simple farmer, a person sticks to a routine

Villager of the same gender, hard-working, persevering, honoring brotherhood

Having simple desires in life; can persevere at monotonous work; uncomplicated mindset but at the same time unyieldingand hard to change
1. Will stick to his primary intentions and his own way; simple-minded
    with a lot of pride; will not admit defeat; always passes judgment
    according to his own values or viewpoint
2. Understands himself very well, therefore will not attempt the
    unachievable.  Though values friendship in a practical way, will always
    keep a proper distance.
3. Not driven by many desires, he will remain brave and pragmatic under
    any circumstances.

1. Due to his simple mindset, he lacks coordination capacity.  He is
    innocently self-centered, thus unable to put himself in other’s shoes
    and often provokes arguments or fights.
2. Very partial; though he may have many friends, he rarely has any
    confidant, and he tends to be very demanding to his subordinates,
    family or the younger generation.
3. Outwardly cheerful and laid back but inwardly restless; the drastic
    inconsistency between his outer appearance and inner self would
    sometimes make him want to walk away from the society and become
    a hermit.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star, or it ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will be a person of high self-esteem - very independent and extremely confident of his own opinion and judgment.  Once he makes up his mind, he will stick to the end and never quit until he reaches his goal.  When socializing, it will soon be obvious whom he likes and whom he doesn’t.  He will not like work that is highly complex or variable and is suitable for physical labor or any routine job, such as being an operator, technician, driver, lab researcher or missionary – jobs that carry the torch of a tradition.