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6.Karmic Resources , Pian Yin


Karmic Resources  Pian Yin

Violent star # 1,
the Stepmother star; karmic awareness

Representative figures:
Artist, writer and philosopher that focuses on inner thoughts; stepmother

Stepmother-like, the fountainhead of artistic creativity, strongly affected by karma from previous lives

A haunting sense of insecurity, neurosis, conservatism, loner, paranoia; suitable for artistic or crafty creation if supported steadily by someone he trusts; will pursue inner spiritualism, philosophical beliefs or artistic expressions

1. Very attentive and sensitive, can read others’ mind with keen
    observation so he will never be careless with matters at hand
2. Very alert in action; cautious; not easy for him to tell the truth;
    accustomed to repress his feelings and emotions; excellent in
    keeping secrets
3. Very opinionated and stubborn; creative in a unique way; doesn’t like
    common or vulgar things; has his own unique hobby and life style

1. Being attentive and observant, he tends to think too much and
    becomes indecisive and hesitant.
2. Disliking commonplace, he tends to be anti-conventional and a non-
    conformist; therefore he will sometimes be regarded as ‘eccentric’.
3. Being an introvert and a loner, he may become suspicious and autistic. 
    Never good at socializing, often disagrees with family, he tends to
    alienate himself.
4. Over-emphasizing inner or spiritual thought, he is likely to drive
    himself into a corner and falls prey to mental doubt and self-harm. 
    There is a danger for him to suffer from serious depression, bipolar
    disorder and becoming suicidal.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star, or it ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will be intelligent and quick in response.  He will also have the gift to focus in designing or creative work.  However, he tends to aspire for individualism and plunge into religion or philosophy.  Being a maverick, he is suitable for working in a personal studio, for computer programming, multi-media graphic designing, artistic, literary and musical creation, floral arrangement, or any highly specialized technical jobs, such as being a surgeon, specialized technician, chef, numerologist, performing artist and religionist.