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5.Resource , ZhengYin


Resource  ZhengYin

Lucky start # 1,
the Mother star

Representative figure:
Warm and compassionate motherly figure, patron, and religious leader

Maternal compassion, positive karma from previous lives, fountainhead of strength

Conservative, stable, indecisive, loving, willing to give, spiritual, religious faith and cultivation

1. Gentle and considerate, tolerant, enduring, humane, forgiving, kind,
    will not bear any grudge even against the enemy
2. Born with a kind heart, therefore will not commit any cruel act or
    hurt anyone; doesn’t like to witness cruelty either; doesn’t have
    much materialistic desire; will live in peace and happiness and not
    having to experience drastic ups and downs, or unbearable grief &
    pain throughout her life
3. Very responsible towards family, a model mother and wife

1. Tends to be dependable or cowardly due to excess conservatism, at
    times appears to be divorced from reality, ‘naïve’ at best and ‘ignorant’
    at worst
2. Always imagines the best and giving others too much benefit of the
    doubt, therefore susceptible to disillusions and Guilt
3. If sheltered by protective parents, once stepping out into the
    society, might fail to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil or
    what is at stake

If a person has this star sitting in her Destiny Format palace, or if she has more than one of this star or it ‘takes root’ in his chart, she will be kind and gentle to others, conservative and exemplary in behavior.  She will value morals, filial ethics and follow the courses of events in a peaceful and calm manner and react accorMoonly.

She will emphasize spiritual life and cares about social trends, so she is fit for assistant or administrative jobs that are more stationary or related more to management and research.  She is also perfect for charity work and religious cultivation, such as being a scholar, researcher, artist, religious worker or teacher.