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4.Execution Judge , QiSha (7-kill)


Execution  Judge  QiSha (7-kill)

Violent star #4,
the Enterpriser and
karma of killing

Representative figures:
The plainclothes cop on the fringe of laws and moral; business executive, venturous business owner, boyfriend

Schoolwork, career in the private and government sector; also representing ‘boyfriend and romantic involvement’ for female

Active, mobile, full of fighting spirit, sense of justice, on the margin of morals and laws, having the quality of a pioneering leader but being impulsive and irrational
1. Will not admit defeat; impatient; is always either
    working or thinking – very enterprising
2. Very gallant; will help the weak to fight the powerful; will take action
    with resolute and fortitude against all odds, but will often end up in
    the dirt at the end!
3. Exuberant execution capability and revolutionary spirit; will
    employ unusual methods to break new ground; easily dissatisfied and
    discontented with ordinary approaches or existing norms; capable of
    breaking through adversity with positive attitude and force

1. Hard to be accepted or understood by others at times due to the
    drastic action taken by him; hard to find long-lasting friendship; will
    even impulsively destroy friendship
2. Tends to create enemies due to his intense competitiveness and
    refusal to admit defeat
3. Cares very much about ‘face’, doesn’t want his weaknesses exposed,
    as a result will hide his difficult situations even under the most
    adverse conditions.  If he takes the right path and works hard, he
    can be rewarded with high social position, good reputation and his
    self-esteem and ‘face’ will be gratified.  However, if he goes astray,
    he may break the law and bring disasters such as getting involved in
    lawsuits by committing bribery, fraud or becoming a gangster.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star or it ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will be courageous and ambitious.  He will not be afraid of adversity and will actively move towards his big goal.  He despises life that is mediocre and lacks excitement.  For him, the end often justifies the means.
He is interested in politics and equipped with administrative and commanding capacity.  He is advanced and warlike with revolutionary ideas, therefore will be able to play his strength in times of troubles and chaos.

Decisive and versed in expressing himself, he is fit for ground-breaking and highly active work that relates to politics, sales, police force, traMoon, civil engineering or aviation, such as sales & marketing manager, entrepreneur, insurance or direct marketing agent.