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Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified)

3.Judge, ZhengGuan


Judge  ZhengGuan

Lucky star #2,
the Judge star

Representative figures: 

Good student at school and the person-in-charge at workplace; the judge that values moral image, administrator, father, husband

Schoolwork, career in both private and government sector; also representing ‘husband & marriage’ for female
Old-fashioned, upright, responsible, uptight, quiet, stable, leadership quality, but stubborn and hard to communicate with
Its nemesis is ‘ShangGuan’ (literally means ‘Destructive Judge’), the Prodigal Son star

1. Calm, modest, upright, fair and square, responsible, meticulous
2. Values reputation highly, high self-esteem, will not lose heart or abandon principles in the face of adversity, highly self-disciplined, prefers to live a reasonable and spiritually-fulfilling life
3. Follows a routine in life, relates to others in a reasonable and organized manner, result-orientated and normally well-rewarded for his effort
4. Behaves correctly and morally, not good with flattery and servility, will be respected and trusted by the majority, therefore will naturally carry the burden as the person in charge

1. Conservative; having lots of work-related stress but with very poor stress management skills
2. Sometimes criticized for being arrogant and egoistic; or accused of not being flexible or too stubborn due to strictly following the rules
3. Cares too much about his responsibility to the point that he is afraid of failure or becoming indecisive therefore missing many good opportunities; being excessively frugal and doesn’t like to waste, he may appear to be a miser.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star or it ‘takes root’ in his chart, he will be good at grasping the key points of any task and quickly finding and choosing a safe and reliable way of execution.  He hates wastage, emphasizes on efficiency.  Once he makes up his mind, he will carry out the task at hand with speed.

He is fit for serious jobs such as being an administrator, public servant, banker, politician, scholar, judiciary or attorney; he is also suitable for work that requires organizing or operational management skills, such as senior staff in a company or an institute.