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2.Unexpected Wealth, PianCaithe Unexpected Wealth star


Unexpected  Wealth PianCaithe Unexpected Wealth star

Lucky star #4,
the PR starRepresentative figures: 

The most popular boutique saleswoman, PR (public relations), sales representative, investment consultant, girlfriend

Unexpected gains and investment; also representing ‘girlfriend and romantic involvement’ for male

Good public relations and networking; eloquent; loves the crowd; the best PR or sales rep; keen in investment; strong material desires
Its nemesis is ‘Villager’, the Farmer star!

1. Good at ‘quick fixes’ and seizing opportunities; impatient but energetic.
2. Very popular; diplomatic with words; excellent networking skills;
   always flexible in dealing with sudden changes; positive and indomitable
3. Frank and outspoken; doesn’t beat around the bushes; sympathetic;
    likes to help others.
4. Generous with money; will enjoy many investment opportunities and
    encounters with the opposite sex; often receive unexpected gains.

1. Being generous with money, he also tends to squander.
2. Loves social activities and will often participate in various social
    events.  Will undertake many projects at the same time, therefore
    incapable of focusing.  Life style tends to be unstable.
3. Because of his excellent networking ability, he tends to rashly make
    promises that he cannot keep and then be blamed for not delivering
4. Inclined to get entangled in romance and becomes disturbed or
    troubled as a result, even stirring up family storms.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star, or this star ‘takes roots’ in his chart, he will be proactive and very mobile.  His emphasis is to make money efficiently.  He would be very interested in speculative business and less interested in conservative and traditional business dealings.  He would be more interested in bigger or more dynamic matters and less interested in matters of a fixed nature.

He is fit for sales and marketing jobs, such as working in a boutique, selling insurance, jewelry, or as a PR, broker, advertisement, entertainment or travel agent, or any work that requires high mobility and activity level.