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Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified)

1.Stable Wealth , ZhengCai the Direct Wealth star


Stable  Wealth   ZhengCai  the Direct  Wealth star

Lucky star #3,
the Housekeeper star

Representative figures: 
Loyal and diligent housekeeper,
accountant, conservative wife.

Steady job; also representing
‘marriage & wife’ for male.

Die-hard, puritan, emphasis on money and material possessions, lacking motivations, the most ideal assistant and guardian, very possessive.  Its nemesis is ‘JieCai’, the Loss Wealth star!

1. Straight-laced, honest, true to his words, steady, will keep his promises.
2. Will not try to bite what he can’t swallow or being sky-aspiring; knows
    his place and will play his part; values a life-style that’s secure and
3. Diligent, frugal, can endure hardship, will not cringe in the face of

1. Emphasizes too much on money and material possessions; appears to
    be miserly and will be labeled as lack of compassion at times.
2.Taking too much caution when making decisions thus becoming
3.Will only play his part thus making his life short of excitement,
    diversions and fun.
4. Seldom expressing his own opinions; not very flexible in dealing with
    sudden changes; sometimes mocked as being simple-minded and
    obtuse; tends to be petty and becoming penny wise and pound foolish.

If a person has this star sitting in his Destiny Format palace, or if he has more than one of this star in his chart, or if he has at least one of this star sitting in any upper palace and another in any lower palace at the same time (‘taking root’), he will be hard-working and trustworthy. 

However, he will prioritize the pursuit of money and material gains over spiritual fulfillment.  He is very practical. 
He values short-term profits and lacks romantic feelings or visions.  He is suitable for steady administrative jobs, such as being a public servant, teacher, clerk, bank clerk, bookkeeper, accountant, notary, real estate appraiser, realtor or common businessman.