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9.Ocean,REN Yang Water


Original Destiny Source Deity: Ren Water




【Master Si-Ming Huang Vernacular Commentary】


[Original Destiny Source Deity: Ren Water]
It is also named as the ‘day source’, ‘destiny main’ or ‘source deity’, the core of ‘four pillars BaZi’. It is determined by the birth day. If you try to read a BaZi and there is confusion or a mistake with the birth hour, you can still attempt to make some predictions. However, if there’s a mistake with regard to the birth day, you might as well give up! 

So remember, the ‘original destiny source deity’ is the heavenly stem of the birth day, or the heavenly stem on the day pillar. Since the [original destiny source deity] is also called the day main, it represents a person’s most intrinsic and fundamental ‘quality and nature’. Psychologically speaking, it is the so-called ‘sub character’ or the ‘subconscious mind-set’; scientifically speaking, it is the person’s basic ‘magnetic field or magnetism’.


In the destiny case, your [Original Destiny Source Deity as Ren Water]. (Sagittarius is the best matching horoscope.)




Those who have Ren Water as their [Original Destiny Source Deity] would have a nature similar to that of the river or ocean.


Just as rivers and the ocean flow continuously, collecting big and small tributaries, taking in or integrating with various things, he can accept all kinds of things, too. Non-attachment is his trade mark. Because of his receptiveness, he is the best learner.
He who has Ren Water as his [original destiny source deity] is carefree and optimistic. He will not cling on to the past; he is courageous and will participate with enthusiasm. He likes to help others and he loves social activities. Wherever he is, he always seems energetic and attracts attention.


He who has Ren Water as his [original destiny source deity] is quick in adapting to changes. He will wait for the perfect opportunity and once it arises, he certainly will not let it slip by. Once he makes up his mind, nothing can stop him.


Generally speaking, this type of person is intelligent, born with wisdom and full of inspiration. Furthermore, he can be good in both stationary and mobile activities, is versed in literature and good at sports! He has the charisma and politics of a leader. He can unite many to accomplish great things but will not fall for power, money and fame.




Though being receptive, he might still appear to be self-centered and wayward. He is also inclined to be lazy and lack patience. This type of person loves freedom and abhors restrictions. Sometimes he finds it hard to persevere at a project until the last minute. He needs challenges in the work place and is totally unsuitable for any job that is monotonous. He must be wary of his own instability and changeability.


Another thing that he must be wary of is that because he’s especially sensitive to romantic feelings towards or from the opposite sex, he is easily affected by them and tends to lose his rationality and judgment.


※※ Master Huang’s Reminding ※※
Though the destiny main is Zen Water with the above ocean & river tending to ‘dynamic’ features, if your destiny mold is tending to static horoscopes, such as: ‘Zheng Yin、Zheng Guan、Zheng Cai、Shi Shen、Bi Jian、Pian Yin’ etc. Perhaps it will present ‘Dual conflicts personality’!
Or its destiny case appears overpowering、thorough stem horoscopes; it means if the same horoscope appears over twice, then, the horoscope’s characteristics would be apparently vivid. The destiny main originality becomes recessive features without obvious notice.