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5.Rock,WU Yang Earth


Original Destiny Source Deity: Wu Earth




【Master Si-Ming Huang Vernacular Commentary】


[Original Destiny Source Deity: Wu Earth]
It is also named as the ‘day source’, ‘destiny main’ or ‘source deity’, the core of ‘four pillars BaZi’. It is determined by the birth day. If you try to read a BaZi and there is confusion or a mistake with the birth hour, you can still attempt to make some predictions. However, if there’s a mistake with regard to the birth day, you might as well give up! 

So remember, the ‘original destiny source deity’ is the heavenly stem of the birth day, or the heavenly stem on the day pillar. Since the [original destiny source deity] is also called the day main, it represents a person’s most intrinsic and fundamental ‘quality and nature’. Psychologically speaking, it is the so-called ‘sub character’ or the ‘subconscious mind-set’; scientifically speaking, it is the person’s basic ‘magnetic field or magnetism’.


In the destiny case, your [Original Destiny Source Deity as Wu Earth]. (Taurus is the best matching horoscope.)




Those who have Wu Earth as their [Original Destiny Source Deity] would have a nature similar to that of the rock or a high mountain.


This type of person, as the earth or a rock, is stable, open-minded, optimistic, earnest, candid and will not exaggerate or embellish. Both logic and feelings are always taken into consideration by him no matter what he does. Only after securing a strong base will he take his time to proceed. As we all know that the earth or the rock will not change or morph suddenly but requires a long, long time to change. It’s the same with Wu earth.


Because he is so cautious and so slow, he sometimes misses great opportunities. Yet he will not regret that much because he is content with what he has here and now.
Once he gives his trust to something or someone, there will never be any doubt in him. You could say that this type of person is hopelessly dogged but it’s also because of that, he is the only one who can possibly stick to what he believes till the very end!


Generally speaking, he who has Wu Earth as his [original destiny source deity] is friendly, kind and he values relationships greatly. As a result, he often plays the role of a supporter or a consultant.




He ranks number 1 in being pig-headed. If there is ‘PianYin’ which is also overpowering in his destiny case, when depression hits, he would rank third in being suicidal.


Being super stubborn, willful and self-centered are his weaknesses. Either because he is obtuse or just unyielding, he ends up lacking conformability. He has no intention to change the way he thinks or how he behaves; he lacks flexibility when dealing with different situations. As a result, he tends to get into a rut and seldom takes initiative in any project. His motto is: ‘Resist none that comes by and chase after none that has already gone past!’


He who has Wu Earth as his [original destiny source deity] is often considered by others as ‘insipid’. At the same time he values his self-esteem and reputation so he can’t resist flattery very well.


※※ Master Huang’s Reminding ※※
Though the destiny main is Wu Earth with the above mentioned mountain、rocks tending to ‘static’ features, if your destiny mold is tending to dynamic horoscopes, such as: ‘Qi Sha、Shang Guan、Jie Cai、Pian Cai’ etc. Perhaps it will present ‘Dual conflicts personality’!
Or its destiny case appears overpowering、thorough stem horoscopes; it means if the same horoscope appears over twice, then, the horoscope’s characteristics would be apparently vivid. The destiny main originality becomes recessive features without obvious notice.