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4.Moon,DING Yin Fire


Original Destiny Source Deity: Ding Fire




【Master Si-Ming Huang Vernacular Commentary】


[Original Destiny Source Deity: Ding Fire]
It is also named as the ‘day source’, ‘destiny main’ or ‘source deity’, the core of ‘four pillars BaZi’. It is determined by the birth day. If you try to read a BaZi and there is confusion or a mistake with the birth hour, you can still attempt to make some predictions. However, if there’s a mistake with regard to the birth day, you might as well give up! 

So remember, the ‘original destiny source deity’ is the heavenly stem of the birth day, or the heavenly stem on the day pillar. Since the [original destiny source deity] is also called the day main, it represents a person’s most intrinsic and fundamental ‘quality and nature’. Psychologically speaking, it is the so-called ‘sub character’ or the ‘subconscious mind-set’; scientifically speaking, it is the person’s basic ‘magnetic field or magnetism’.


In the destiny case, your [Original Destiny Source Deity as Ding Fire]. (Aquarius is the best matching horoscope.)




Those who have Ding Fire as their [Original Destiny Source Deity] would have a nature similar to that of the moon, the lamp or the candle.


This type of person is gentle, reserved, polite and with some amount of passion. At first impression, she won’t strike you as an intense person but just as a fire before reaching ignition point, many conditions need to be met before she can be set on fire.  The fact that she simmers internally is not because she is negative or lacks self-confidence but simply because the time is not yet ripe and the temperature not high enough for her to take center stage.
She tends to think too much but once a decision is made she will give it all and never look back.


She will often brood over some revolutionary idea, waiting carefully and patiently for the right moment to carry it out, while others haven’t the slightest inkling what she has in mind.


Generally speaking, she who has Ding Fire as her [original destiny source deity] is meticulous and cautious. She seldom acts upon impulses and her ideas are carefully laid out and ahead of her time. She can fulfill most of her plans just as once the temperature reaches ignition point, the fire will burn!


The lamp is known to burn and sacrifice itself to give warmth to its surrounding.  With the same quality, this type of person will become exceptionally intimate with those who bear special karmic connections with her. For them, she would give without reservation, even be willing to sacrifice herself.




One of her weaknesses is that since her true color won’t shine until she reaches ‘ignition point’, people might mistake her as two-faced. She might also be thinking so much so as to become suspicious. She must be aware that ‘cleverness may overreach itself!’ Another thing is that she can be too considerate sometimes and could refrain from telling the truth. Or though she knows she would put herself at a disadvantage, she still can’t say no and as a result has to suffer.


※※ Master Huang’s Reminding ※※
Though the destiny main is Ding Fire with the above mentioned moon、light tending to ‘static’ features, if your destiny mold is tending to dynamic horoscopes, such as: ‘Qi Sha、Shang Guan、Jie Cai、Pian Cai’ etc. Perhaps it will present ‘Dual conflicts personality’!
Or its destiny case appears overpowering、thorough stem horoscopes; it means if the same horoscope appears over twice, then, the horoscope’s characteristics would be apparently vivid. The destiny main originality becomes recessive features without obvious notice.